Sunday, August 26, 2012


I haven't had any major homework assignments yet and a lot of the stuff I'll be doing this semester is building to larger projects and papers due later in the semester. The one consistent thing is that there is a lot of reading. I haven't quite gotten into a routine of reading yet and I'm also trying to still get settled and organized in my room, which isn't helping. Little by little my bedroom is feeling more organized and more like my space. The biggest challenge has been making sure I have study space and a place for my books and binders so my work is organized for the next couple of years. Crazy to think about all of this building to my preliminary exams in two years, but it all does. And me being organized now will make a big difference then. I'll post some pictures of my study space when I'm happy with how it's organized. For now my desk is a pile of papers.

I felt like I reached a significant moment today is being a student again. I checked books out of the school library. I've been in the library a few times the past couple weeks but not as a student to study or look for books that I need for classes or research. I have yet to study there, but I know that will happen soon enough. Probably this week as I'm feeling a little behind on reading for the week. I checked out 7 books today. I went in looking for 3 for my classes for papers for this semester. I also found 4 other books that could be related or just interesting reading, but not sure I'll have more time for that.

Off to do some serious reading for the night. If I get through a good chunk tonight I might reward myself with some ice cream :)

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